Friday, October 4, 2013


The trends are all about confidence, trying out new fashion. The spring trends have taken women’s clothing to a whole new level of style and elegance. Which fashionable woman do you want to be this spring?

Here’s our guide to the top most essential and wearable trends from the spring runways. Pick up one or two of these ideas and you’re set for the season. It’s that easy!
You can't go wrong wearing black and white this season as monochrome rules the runway in almost every trend.


How to wear: Vertical, horizontal or diagonal, there's no way to avoid stripes for spring. Feeling adventurous? Break away from black and white and try cherry, navy and grass-green lines this season.

Sweet and soft

 Floaty, boudoir-inspired silks in chiffon and satin. This is warm-weather dressing at its best—fluid, unstructured, and effortless.

Luxe Leather

Now that designers are treating leather as if it were fabric—dyeing it in punchy colors, cutting it into feminine shapes, and draping it in novel ways—the supple skin has taken on a whole new versatility. Minimalistic shapes, rich colors, and a no-fuss approach to the hair, makeup, and accessories that complete the look make these investment items seem like they’re from 2013, not 1983.

Bold ruffles

bold-ruffles spring-fashion-confidence-style-2013

Whether they're framing the face or spiraling off the hips, architectural ruffles build the foundation of a dramatic evening look. Ruffles act as their own accessory, so there's no need to trot out your jewels. If they're snaking around your neck or cascading down your shoulder, pull your hair back in a sleek style so it doesn't interfere. These oversize undulations go nicely with pumps or sandals in a complementary—yet not matching-color.

Lace Dresses

You have to be careful here—lace can get cheap-looking quickly. Choose high-quality material, and pair vibrant hues with shoes in the same color family or in a metallic. Wear hair loose to keep the overall look easy- going and fun.

A-line Skirt

A-line-spring trend-2013-confidence-style

This classic skirt flaunts an early-’60s attitude, and the polished daytime look is ever-appropriate. But our A-line obsession is rooted in the universally flattering, hip-and-thigh disguising shape. There’s a prim, clean-scrubbed vibe to these skirts. So add a fitted little jacket or a basic belt, and carry a structured bag. And while it may be tempting to slip on a pair of flats, these skirts, especially those that fall below the knee, beg for the height of a ladylike heel.

Modern Floral

Whether its freesias or tulips, roses or dandelions, designers have a thing for flowers this spring. The flower theme has been introduced beautifully in many designers’ collections, so this spring you definitely have to wear happy flowery outfits.

Clever Prints, let your clothes do the talking



With jackets ranging from cropped to hourglass to sleeveless, there's a tuxedo-inspired style that will fit anyone's specifications. Slip a blouse under the jacket. Punctuate it with a fluttering jewel-toned scarf in ruby or amethyst, and emphasize the simplicity of the suit with closed-toe pumps. Coif hair smooth and neat, and opt for swipe of nude lipstick—a less predictable choice than red.


Flats and Low Heels

Sexy ’90s pointy heels are back and have been modernized with everything from dainty ankle straps to cylindrical heels. These ladylike heels a

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